Burt’s 7th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my best friend! I love you so much, buddy!! pug birthday

On our way to the dog park. He doesn’t look very happy but I swear he is.

old lady and pug

He cuddled with this lady for 75% of the time we were there. Didn’t play with a single dog…

Three Dog Bakery Pug

“I’ll take one of each!”

After bath time we went to Old Town Pasadena and visited Three Dog Bakery. It’s really is a dog bakery. They have the cutest little treats. You can also order full cakes for parties. We went with an assortment of little treats.

Pug eating burger

Enjoying his “burger”.


About bamfjam

Jam, Preserves, Pickles, and Pugs All of our preserves are handmade using local ingredients from farmers markets in Southern California. Made in Los Angeles with love, rock 'n roll, and sugar. Visit the Culinary Styles contests at the LA County Fair and see our Blue Ribbon for Candied Jalapenos! www.etsy.com/shop/bamfjam
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