Krispy Kreme Sprinkle Donut

krispy kreme sprinkle donut

Krispy Kreme is my favorite chain donut. The first time I had one was in Memphis, TN. My friend and I were driving across country and neither of us had ever had one. We both grew up in the Northeast and Dunkin Donuts rules things there.

We saw the HOT light flashing and pulled in. After buying our donuts I had to take a phone call from my new potential roommate in NYC. While trying to discuss neighborhoods and rent control I can hear moaning from the other side of the car. I thought my friend was fucking with me while I was on the phone. I looked over and she had her eyes closed and was housing her Krispy Kreme. Any normal person would probably have asked her to be quiet and resumed the phone call. I told potential roommate I was going to have to call them back later. I had to get at that donut before it cooled down. I think I ate that first one in about 4 seconds. I’ll always remember you first Krispy Kreme donut… le sigh…

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