Tokyo Fried Chicken

Tokyo Fried Chicken

Oh Tokyo Fried Chicken, how I love thee!

First, the chicken – super juicy, super crispy, lots of flavor, and the coating doesn’t pull off when you bite into it. An order for 2 comes with 6 pieces, all dark meat.

The sides were all great too. The first time I went we got shiso peppers and mac and cheese. The shisho peppers were good but not very exciting. They also bring a bowl of chicken rice and a gingery cabbage salad with your order.

The second time I went I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures. For sides we got the truffle edamame, which I highly recommend. Glazed carrots, curry creamed corn, and of course more mac and cheese. Everything was so good!! Just in case anyone has a fish allergy the waitress told me there was dashi in the rice and the collard greens.

Tokyo Fried Chicken Mac and Cheese

They have a great local beer selection as well as a selection of Japanese beer.

Tokyo Fried Chicken Beer

I’ve been twice and not had to wait for a table. It’s located in a small shopping plaza with a parking lot.

Tokyo Fried Chicken

Tokyo Fried Chicken
122 S Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754

(626) 282-9829


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