Dog Haus

Cheeseburger Dog Haus


Two thumbs up for Dog Haus! Hot dogs, sausages, burgers, milkshakes, and beer. The first time I went to Dog Haus, I ended up going for lunch again the next day!

I’m not really big on hot dogs so I usually stick to the burgers or sausages. I will get a corn dog slider from time to time though. It’s so good. The batter is really crunchy on the outside and has great flavor. Their website says it’s a root beer batter! I didn’t taste any root beer but it’s delicious. You can actually get any hot dog or sausage dipped in batter and made into a corn dog before it’s put in a bun and topped. I’ve never tried this before because I generally can’t even finish a regular of whatever I order.

The Abe Froman and The Mr Stivic

The Abe Froman and The Mr Stivic

Pro Tip: Bring some people with you. Then you can order the Love Boat! French fries or tater tots ( I always go tots) topped with chili and cole slaw. Don’t order it unless you have 3 or 4 people. Its really huge. If you’re by yourself or with one other person get the Frito Pie or an order of tots.

Instead of buns, Dog Haus uses grilled King’s Hawaiian buns. They work great. Squishy on the top but the grilled inside keeps it from getting soggy.

The Hasselhoff*

The Hasselhoff*

Everything I’ve ever ordered is delicious but my favorites are:

The Abe Froman, The Holy Aioli, and a plain cheeseburger with bacon.

I like to go the Alhambra location even though LA Fitness is next door and I always feel guilty staring at the people working out while I’m housing a burger. Not bad enough to not go though…

If you like drinks, and who doesn’t really, try Dog Haus Biergarten in Pasadena. They have a great beer menu and also specialty beer cocktails.

Good music, good food, and friendly, fast service.

*The Hasselhoff isn’t on the regular menu. It was a special they had once. Kielbasa topped with mac and cheese, tomatoes, and bacon. I asked them about it when I went back and they said they’d make it if someone asked. You should ask. That shit was good!


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