Snow Cream Stix

Snow Cream Pops

I love these things!! I can only find them when I go visit my family in Virginia. My mamaw used to make us snow cream when I was little. I started thinking about it and it was actually really suspicious. There’s barely any snow in Virginia in the winter. There’s definitely no snow in the summer when I used to go visit. I know she didn’t have an ice shaver. We think maybe she would scrape the frost from her freezer? I really have no idea where it could have come from! I guess sugar and vanilla can make anything delicious when you’re a kid.



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Jam, Preserves, Pickles, and Pugs All of our preserves are handmade using local ingredients from farmers markets in Southern California. Made in Los Angeles with love, rock 'n roll, and sugar. Visit the Culinary Styles contests at the LA County Fair and see our Blue Ribbon for Candied Jalapenos!
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